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LLC Amalthea-Service made pre-design combustion tests of CWS which is produced from coal-fines in coal factory (Russia). Coal fines in a form of filter-cake were homogenized till the uniform consistence without any lumps. Then CWS was sprayed through the CWS spraying nozzle into the drying kiln, directly to fire-grate with coal. Kiln is used to dry a coal…

Synthetic Fuel Production Complex uses a CWS as raw material for future process of gasification and liquification using Fischer-Tropsch process. Hydroshock Wet Milling Machine is used instead of standard ball mills.  

Interested on technology and wish to learn more? Find us on Exhibition “Energy-Saving. Power Efficiency. Innovative Technologies and Equipment – 2014” since 7th till 10th of October in St.-Petersburg in exhibition EXPOFORUM Center, not far from Pulkovo airport:  http://www.farexpo.ru/energy/exhibition/about/ Stand L2.2 There is still a chance to get a free enterence ticket!

At the beginning of November, 2013, LLC “Amalthea-Service” and Korea Trading Business Company have launched CWS production complex in Suwon, Republic of Korea.

At the end of April in Vienna, Austria, was mounted hydroshock wet-milling device designed for producing Coal-Water Slurry fuel. This is the first and the only yet CWS production facility in EU.

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