LLC Amalthea provides a wide range of solutions for different industries:

  • Local/district heating stations which produce a thermal energy for their customers. Typical size of the boilers – from 1MW and higher
  • Steam/heat productions for heating and industrial purposes. Industries like cement, sugar, soda, textile, chemical, petro-chemicalrefineries and many other productions require a heat in a form of steam or hot water. CWS may substitute totally or partially existing expensive fuels like gas, oil or dirty-burned coal
  • Coal mines which have a plenty of coal wastes in a form of coal sledges or smal-sized grains
  • Pyrolysys units/factories which produce pyrolysis oil out of rubber, auto-tires and other and which have a carbon black (pyro-carbon, char) as a wastes. Such carbon could be successfully utilized in a form of Carbon Slurry Fuel.
  • Power generation stations which already uses coal powder as a fuel. Low-cost coal wastes could be used as an additional fuel for steam boilers reducing the cost of produced steam. Additionally usage of CWS reduces NOx emissions at least on 20..25% which might be significant reason to use CWS as one of the fuels.
  • Areas with no access to gas pipes.
  • Other industries.

Amalthea’s solutions are optimized for special needs of each certain Customer. The use of CWS automates the process of feeding the coal/carbon  from the coal storage to the boiler what reduces the need for manual labor.

Before making decision to use our solutions you may visit our running sites or demo facilities. If you are interested to make a visit please, Send a Request through the contact form – see link below.

We may also make a test production&combustion tests from your raw.

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