• Swirl prechamber (furnace) is designed for the effective combustion of liquid fuel, mostly slurry fuel, autonomousely or with support fuel. Air slots in a prechamber’s wall form a stable swirl which makes combustion process stable and effective. Liquid fuel has enough time for ignition and full combustion.
  • Aerodynamically prechamber is designed to keep optimal number of CWS-torch turnovers inside a pre-chamber what makes both total carbon combustion and transfer (convection) of hot gases into boiler possible.
  • Thermal balance of prechamber is designed to keep optimal combustion mode for CWS combustion. Prechamber isolation is choosen to minmizr heat losses, quick warming-up period, resistant to quick temperature bursts up to 1300 С° and long-term stable work


  • Swirl prechamber is designed to burn liquid fuels, preferably CWS. Prechamber is installed in front or side of a boiler. CWS is sprayed into prechamber where it is preheated and burned. Combustion products (hot gases) further moved to a boiler.
  • Boiler which is equipped with a prechamber can burn both CWS and other fuels: diesel of heavy fuel oil (depending on boiler type)
  • There is a range of prechambers produced between 0.8 and 11MW
  • Connection to boiler is made individually
Вихревой предтопок для сжигания водоугольного топлива

Swirl prechamber for CWS combustion

Prechamber consists of

  • Prechamber consists of from door with a burner, prechamber body, blow machine, blower, control system.
  • Front door has mounting holes for mounting mazut and/or diesel burner required for initial preheating. Additionally it has eyeholes for visual control.
  • Prechamber body is a horisontal or vertical cylinder equipped with thermo-sensors, CWS nozzle, secondary air input and secondary air slots for creating a swirl. Body is isolated with fireclay bricks
  • Blower creates a secondary air flow which makes a swirl inside a prechamber
  • Control system makes possible to vary parameters of combustion depending on fuel characteristics

Вихревой предтопок, продольный разрез

Swirl prechmaber, vertical cut

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