• CWS feeding complex is designed for intermediate CWS storage and it’s metered feeding into the boiler. Feeding Complex is controlled by a single control shelf which manages CWS and air amount
  • For the purpose of a long-term storage intermediate tank is equipped  with a mixer
  • For the purpose of extra CWS treatment Feeding Complex is equipped with pipes&valves for the internal cycle pumping or for pumping CWS to external tank – for the longtime storage or for washing procedures
  • Auxiliary pipes and valves are connected for the convenient maintenance of Feeding Complex
  • All parts of Feeding Complex are mounted on a single frame and could be transported in a standard 20ft container


  • Mixer tank with level sensors, 1…4 m3 – dependong on needs
  • CWS pumps, primary&redundant
  • Air compressor
  • Auxiliary, valves
  • Frame
  • Single control shelf


  • Energy consumption – up to 10 kW, dependong on load
  • Size, (LxBxH) 2200х3500х2300 mm
  • Weight, 1500 kg (without CWS)
Комплекс топливоподачи ВУТ с насосом, компрессором, запорной арматурой, ёмкостью с мешалкой, КИП

CWS feeding complex, including mixer tank, compressor, pump, valves, control shelf

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