Гидроударный узел мокрого помола

Hydroshock Wet Milling Machine

Комплекс топливоподачи ВУТ

CWS Feeding Complex

Форсунка для распыла ВУТ

CWS Spraying Nozzle

  • Effective coal combustion in a form of Coal Water Slurry (CWS)
  • Alternative to oil (HFO), gas
  • CWS from char-coal – renewable!
  • Utilization of coal feedstock, pyrocarbon, petcoke
  • Fuel Costs Reduction
  • Minimal Emissions

FAQ about CWS

CWS in brief

Local/District heating

CWS for heating stations decreases heating costs, most of oil/gas boilers could be converted to CWS

Heat&Steam Generation

CWS is used for heat generation as well as gas&oil, HFO in steam and water boilers

Pyro-carbon utilization

CWS from carbon and pyro-carbon is an additional fuel for liquid fuel boilers

Filter cake and coal fine utilisation

Impounded coal fines and filter cakes from coal cleaning plants is a raw for CWS

Petcoke utilization

Petcoke could be used as a raw for CWS

+ solutions

Costs Reduction

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Gcal price




money-list Decreases fuel costs on 30…50% on small to medium size boilers
money-list Typical Return-of-Investments (ROI) – 16…36 months
money-list Low cost of raw: CWS could be produced from coal screenings&coal wastes, pyrocarbon (carbon after rubber&autotires pyrolysis), petcoke
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ecology-leaf Coal combustion in a form of CWS reduces NOx emission at least on 35…40% comparing standard coal combustion. Co-firing of CWS and other liquid fuels reduces NOx emissions at least on 30% on the same boiler.
ecology-leaf Underburning level is only 1%
ecology-leaf Ash after CWS combustion is useful for cement production
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CWS production Equipment

Hydroshock WMM for CWS production

CWS Combustion equipment

Swirl prechamber, CWS spraying nozzle


Pre-design, Project Support&Supervision

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