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LLC Amalthea-Service made pre-design combustion tests of CWS which is produced from coal-fines in coal factory (Russia).

Coal fines in a form of filter-cake were homogenized till the uniform consistence without any lumps. Then CWS was sprayed through the CWS spraying nozzle into the drying kiln, directly to fire-grate with coal.

Kiln is used to dry a coal before the final delivery to customers.

Typically coal is used a normal fuel for the kiln, other words tradable coal is used for the own purposes of coal factory. Normally coal in kiln is burned on fire-grate with low efficiency – up to 30..40% of coal is unburned and wasted. Co-firing of coal with CWS dramatically increases efficiency of coal combustion: one ton of CWS saves up to one ton of tradable coal, increases bornout level, reduces emissions.

Combustion of CWS from filter-cake solves at least to problems of coal factory:

1. Reduces tradable coal consumption for own needs, e.g. reduces production costs.

2. Utilizes unused feedstock – filter-cake with variable ash content 30…40% and moisture about 30% and which is result of coal production process.

This solution is typical for the most of coal factories all over the world.

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