Морозов А.Г.

Andrey G. Morozov

Andrey G. MOROZOV, PhD

CEO LLC “Amalthea-Service”, Effective Energy Technologies GmbH, CEO

Graduated Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1996. In 2001 postgraduated as PhD degree.

Since 1996 specialist in IT&banking technologies, general management of production of special constructions for oil&gas pipelines, more than 250 workers.

Since 2004 – significant experience on implementing new technologies in Austria, UK and Russia.

Personal blog: AGMOROZOV.COM 

Lenkov Roman

Lenkov Roman


Deputy financial Director

Graduated Ural State Technical Univercity in 1995, specialzation “Automation and control in engineering systems”.

Qualifications: ACCA, CIMA Diploma Management in Russian.

Since 1996 worked for generating, energy sale companies and System Operator UES (RAO EES) on a positions of CEO and CFO.

Авдеев А.А.

Авдеев А.А.

АВДЕЕВ Антон Анатольевич

Представительство Амальтеа на Украине, организационно-финансовые вопросы 

Делягин Г.Н. 1926 - 2009 гг.

1926 – 2009

Dr., prof Gennadiy DELYAGIN, 1926-2009

Science consultant

One of the founders of Watercoal technology in the former USSR since 1959. Author of many articles and publications about watercoal.